Lots of annoying running back and forth talking to people over and over to acheive your goal of leaving Barrockstadt. I have written this in a linear fashion and so certain steps assume you have completed all the steps I have covered previously - you may just need to read this whole page. Click below to get help. To get back to the top of this page, click on the floating [Top] button in the bottom right hand corner.

Arriving in Barrockstadt
Make a deal with Barge Owners
The Library
The Rectors
Getting the Grapes
Fixing the bandstand
Moving the Barge
Winding the Train
Getting a Visa

Arriving in Barrockstadt

Go through the train door and use the left side steps to get to the platform. Run along to the right, down the steps and all the way along the path to view the winding machine. This triggers Oscar to give you a message when you get back on the train. Leave the train again and go down to the left onto the platform. Go up the steps to cross over the canal and exit the train station.

The Barge

Just before you go through the station doors (or just after), you can run down to a barge parked in the canal. Talk to the woman and ask for help. They will agree to tow the train for $100. Exit the station and go up the steps past the mammoths and around the bandstand to enter the university.

The Library

From the middle of the university (where you are standing on the seal) move one screen left and go through the door to enter the library. Go down the steps and get the blue book on the bottom right table. Then up either set of stairs and go around the perimeter until you can climb a ladder to get an upside-down yellow book. Exit the library.

The Rectors

Exit the library and continue to the door at the end to see the Rectors. Sick of long-winded conversations??? You aint seen nothing yet!

Click on the Rectors and ask them about Sauvignon. Then ask about money and they will agree to pay you the $100 if you fix the bandstand. Exit the room and run back past the seal to the right side of the university and talk to the Professor about Hans and about Sauvignon. Exit the university and go back to the train in the station.

Getting the grapes

Enter the station and cross the canal on the footbridge. Then turn left and follow the platform until you find the station master.

Pick up the hook and talk to him about sauvignon. Run back to the train carriage and get the mammoth doll. As you head back over the canal to leave the station, stop and talk to the station master on the footbridge about sauvignon. Go back to the university.

Go and talk to the Professor about Sauvignon. Give him the mammoth doll, and then follow him into the lab. Get a voice cylinder from the cupboard in the top left corner. From the bottom right table, get the Yangala powder and the test tube holder.

Go back to the Rectors and ask them about Sauvignon. Go back to the station and ask the station master about Sauvignon and he will (finally!) agree to open the garden. Run straight across both bridges and follow the winding path into the garden. Run to the far side of the garden to get the Sauvignon grapes off the plants, and then follow the winding path back to the platform.

Fixing the Bandstand

Instead of crossing the footbridge, run down the platform to find the killer Amerzone cuckoos ferociously guarding the bottom of the ladder. Give them the grapes and climb to the very top of the ladder. Zoom in on the nest and use the test tube holder to get the cuckoo's egg.

Leave the station and go to the bandstand on the way back to the university. Walk around it until you can zoom in on a door. Put the cuckoo's egg in the cup and go inside. Climb down the ladder and pull the lever to start the band playing again (how could these people have gone all those years without working this out!!??!!!).

Moving the Barge

Go back to the Rectors and ask them about Money to get the $100 dollars. Go back to the couple on the barge and give them the money. Get the lock key and go back up the stairs

Go straight past the foot bridge to the machine with a telephone. Read the sign on the right hand side for the phone number. The phone on the machine is kaput but you can use the mobile phone. The recorded message will let you know that '4' represents the Barrockstadt Lock and '2' is to lower the water, followed by the '*'. Zoom in and use the key in the lock. Press '4' '2' '*' and the water level will drop. Go back to the barge and ask them about Docks. After the barge has left go back to the lock machine and press '4' '1' '*' to raise the water level.

Cross the footbridge and run along the platform until you can see the couple on the barge. Ask them about Help, and the man will throw the chain to you. Use the hook on the chain, and the boat will pull the train up to the winding machine. Run most of the way there and you will get a call from the Professor to attend his lecture. Of course he waited until you were as far away as possible. Go back to the university. From the seal walk up to the statue in front and then go up the left side steps to the lecture theatre.

Keep pressing ESC if you dont want to sit through about 15 minutes of lecture. Of course, the professor wont just give you the mammoth doll here so run back down to the lab and collect the notes and the doll from his desk. That's it for this part of Barrockstadt so run all the way back to the train.

Winding the Train

When you get to the train cross over to the other side and go to the winding machine. Turn the crank and then pull the lever wind up the train. Go to the luggage room on the train and put the mammoth doll back in it's place. Put the new cylinder in the pedestal to view the cutscene and Kate will put it on the shelf when done. Go and ask Oscar about the mission and he will move the train up to the wall.

Get a Visa

Leave the train and go to the ticket office where Oscar will tell you that you need a visa. Go around behind the ticket office and through the door in the wall. Make your way to the Captain's room and ask him about the mission. Look through the telescope and use the red button to focus the picture. I found this scene quite amusing.

Zoom in on the desk and put the Yangala powder and wine into the glasses.

Kate will invite the captain to drink and once his eyesight is improved he will agree to issue a visa. Go back down to the ticket office and give the visa to Oscar (you need to have the visa in your hand before clicking on the ticket office). Go back to the train and give your ticket to Oscar to leave Barrockstadt forever.